Making Early Season Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets made during the early portion of the season can be very tricky for gamblers, as you have that combination of wagers based on the previous season and football bets based on speculation of teams rising or falling.

It is a good policy in August and even September to play it close to the vest and conservative and even for lesser amounts with your football bets than you would normally wager for later in the football betting season.

Football bets early in the season are not always made with the best of information. You must remember that last year is the past year and the sooner that you realize that, the sooner that you will avoid trouble when making football bets. Especially in this era of the salary cap and free agency it is impossible to succeed at NFL football betting if you are fixated on the past as there are too many roster moves each offseason.  Beyond that when making football bets, some teams that were successful last season may be fat in the head while others that had poor years may be highly motivated to right the ship. Also, you may have new coaches or coordinators, along with those roster makeovers, which completely change the dynamics of football betting.

Another potentially big trap in football betting is to fall prey to the hype of bad teams being sold as good and good teams being sold as finished. Many publications love to go out on a limb and prove how smart they are by finding a trendy pick on a team that is “out of the box.” Sometimes these picks take on a life of their own and bring on the downfall of gamblers who make football bets.

Every year there will be teams that eventually will fade into the background that will come out strong and take their opponents by surprise while many established contenders don’t crank it into high gear until the leaves begin to change in October. This is just another reason to be careful with early season football bets.

Always keep in mind when making football bets that there is another day.  You don’t have to make huge football bets early in the season.  Show some patience when making football bets and your chances of winning money will be better.

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