The Lowly Detroit Lions in NFL Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL odds have had the Detroit Lions as underdogs in every game except one this season.

NFL lines had Detroit favored in their opener against Atlanta but the Lions have been receiving points in every game since.  Is there any value in taking Detroit in NFL odds?

NFL odds have seen the Lions getting double-digits more often as the season winds down because Detroit is headed for possible infamy.  They could become the only team in NFL history to go winless in a 16 game season. Tampa Bay pulled off the winless feat but that was in a 14 game season.  The Lions are not only headed for a dubious distinction, they are also becoming a go-against for gamblers betting NFL lines.  Detroit was 4-7 against the NFL odds in their first 11 games this season.  Only twice was the margin of defeat less than a touchdown in terms of NFL odds.  Detroit has been non-competitive in almost every game this season versus the NFL lines. 

Detroit has the second worst defense in the league and the fourth worst offense in the league according to NFL odds stats.  That does not bode well for winning games straight up or covering the NFL odds.  There are very few positives for Detroit on either side of the ball.  The only player of note on offense is receiver Calvin Johnson.  There is no one on defense worth mentioning.

The Lions have been the joke of the NFL for many, many years.  Under the ownership of the Fords and the leadership of Matt Millen, the Lions have floundered both straight up and against the NFL odds for a long time.  Finally, this season the Lions got rid of Millen but his fingerprints are still all over the team and they continue to lose, both straight up and against the NFL odds.

Taking Detroit versus the NFL odds is always risky, even though they are getting big points every week.  Many professional gamblers look for value and sometimes they can’t resist the big numbers on Detroit.  Unfortunately for them, most of the time even the big NFL odds are not enough to get the Lions in the win column versus the NFL lines.

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