Looking at Super Bowl Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl lines are the most popular and lucrative form of sports betting lines in the world.

You would think that with all of this “action” that there would be a diversity of thought and methodology but that is sadly not the case, as there is more group think in Super Bowl lines than in any other type of sports betting lines.

Super Bowl lines are usually covered with the same stories, with the same spin and angles, with very little variance of opinion or thought. The mass sports media, in fact, has a knee jerk reaction when it comes to Super Bowl odds and this works its way down to the masses. With that in mind, the best way to approach Super Bowl lines and to make money betting them is to think independently from the masses and to not be afraid to “go it alone” and oppose the pack.  Handicappers that think and act like the crowd, are wasting their time and money. It’s a road to nowhere. You cannot beat the Super Bowl lines by doing what everyone else is doing. 

One way to look at Super Bowl lines with an independent approach is to consider the Super Bowl odds in terms of propositions.  There are so many props in terms of Super Bowl lines that it staggers the mind.  This is an area where you can go out on your own and find winners.  Super Bowl lines in terms of props are oftentimes weak.  It is tough to make an accurate proposition line and the oddsmakers can struggle.  This gives you as a bettor a great chance to beat the Super Bowl odds. Look at the various props and do the research.  You may find some great bets against the Super Bowl lines.

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