Looking at NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines will oftentimes scream out for you to pick one team or another. Regardless of what game(s) that you prefer in football betting, each one of them has warning signs for gamblers to immediately pick up on and avoid.

By observing these potential trouble spots and avoiding them, you will immediately put yourself ahead of the crowd.

NFL betting lines are analyzed by people all over the world. In NFL betting, be aware of the last year and the last week syndrome of both the media and the football betting public. The media and the public analyze NFL betting lines based far too much on the past and the rear-view mirror rather than in the present. There is not much pro-active handicapping going on when it comes to analyzing NFL betting lines. The oddsmakers that set NFL betting lines are aware of this backward approach and therefore make gamblers pay an extra price to bet on yesterday.

Many people that look at NFL betting lines bet on the favorite way too much. If you find yourself football betting too much on the favorites you are going to find your football betting bankroll being ground down to nothing in a short amount of time. There is no long term value in betting home chalks, regardless of sport, since that is what the sports betting public is first inclined to do, regardless of sport. If you find yourself having quick and near violent reactions when the NFL betting lines are posted, you are likely thinking in a far too typical fashion and following the crowd. You must be careful not to fall into the trap of instant reaction or analysis of a game because, chances are, it will be the typical spin that everyone else has, which makes it worthless against the NFL betting lines.

Another common problem that too many people fall into is that they are swept up far too easily in media hype. The media is the last place to go for good information on how to handicap the NFL.

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