Football Gambling Online: Monitoring Line Movements

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling online is not just about successfully handicapping a pro football gambling matchup, it’s also about placing your bets in a way that provides you with the best chance of winning.

Anyone with experience football gambling online knows that the odds change based on other bettors and who they bet on. Consequently, some pro football gambling fans feel as though they can gain an advantage when football gambling online by watching line movements.

Football gambling online is actually a process that connects gamblers everywhere, because the general trends of football gambling online determined by the sportsbooks influence how the sportsbooks move their lines. For example, if most of the action is on the Patriots -9, then the sportsbooks may move the line to the Patriots -9½ or even the Patriots -10. In this case, you can believe in the wisdom of the crowds and take the Patriots at the higher number. Or, some pro football gambling fans feel as though one should engage in football gambling online against the masses. Such a gambler would wager against the Patriots at the higher number in the example listed above.

Sportsbooks do not simply change lines as a result of action by the public. They also look at action by sharp bettors. They impact a line far more easily than a normal bettor that has wagered the same amount. Football gambling online by following sharps makes much more sense than following the public, but you can never be sure exactly what influenced a line movement. Therefore, it’s usually best to engage in football gambling online based on your own handicapping and hunches rather than trying to use line movements as some sort of “crystal ball.”

Nevertheless, pro football gambling fans can still monitor line movements to improve their football gambling online. Monitoring line movements allows bettors to place their wagers at strategic moments. Looking at the Patriots example above, a bettor who is football gambling online on the Patriots would want to wager early at -9. A bettor wagering against the Patriots should wait for the better number. The future isn’t ours to see, but by watching early movements you can sometimes predict how the line might move later in the week. By doing this, the gambler can place his wager at a better number, thereby improving his football gambling online odds.

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