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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on NFL games at online sportsbooks around the world. There is no doubt that NFL betting is the most popular of all forms of sports gambling.

As you bet on NFL games there will be numerous ways to approach it, to actually do it, and to win at it. Bet on NFL choices start with sides and totals but also include money lines, parlays, teasers and even propositions. NFL betting has as many theories and methodologies as there are gamblers for these options.

The first choice for most gamblers that bet on NFL games is the pointspread. You can also bet on games with what is called a money line in which you lay or take odds on teams rather than laying points. You can also bet on over/unders, where all you care about is the number of points scored in the game as you bet on NFL action. Parlays and teasers are single tickets that combine multiple games for a bigger payoff. And don’t forget that there are first and second half wagering opportunities as you bet on NFL games.

Within each NFL week there are several different ways to look at each game on the board. Each matchup has its own intangibles and merits to consider as you bet on NFL action. Ultimately the NFL betting line is set based on the public perceptions of those matchups and the various team reputations regarding them.

Within a game there are such factors to consider as you bet on NFL action such as whether the game is a rivalry, a mismatch, a close affair and even whether it is being played on a normal Sunday afternoon or is the feature for Sunday or Monday night or a holiday game. Coaches, players, weather, media spin, last week, and even last year’s results all play a part as you get ready to bet on NFL games. As multi-faceted as NFL betting may seem to an outsider, however, the fact remains that there is a considerable amount of group think. Oftentimes gamblers that bet on NFL action will listen to the media and a game will take on a life of its own and literally feed on itself and become a monster that corrupts the minds of gamblers into all betting the same way. As interesting as it sounds and as hard as it may be to believe you will often note a lack of original thought among gamblers that bet on NFL games.

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