Late Football Gambling Line Moves

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling line moves are definitely important to track when you handicap the games because they give you an excellent indication of which side the general public is going towards during the week, and that definitely holds true for pro football gambling odds.

One of the most important factors to take into account when analyzing NFL football gambling online odds is the difference between the football gambling odds fluctuations seen during the week and then the very late moves right before game time.

Football gambling line moves come from different groups of people. The main thing to consider when looking at football gambling odds is the wise guy action. So you ask yourself, “Is this line move a wise guy play?” That is not always easy to determine, but when it comes in late, just before game time, it is almost always a wise guy move. This is something you should be aware of when looking at football gambling odds. The line doesn’t move dramatically or sharply because the public likes the football gambling odds. It moves quickly because a syndicate or a wise guy pounded the game. They call it in the business, “painting the screen.” That means the game moved at every sportsbook and the football gambling online moves show up on your screen. What can cause you a little bit of trouble is following these line moves without knowing what is behind them. Sometimes the wise guys could be taking back the other side of a game they played earlier in the week looking for a middle in football gambling. Or perhaps they are getting off the game entirely. You just don’t know in football gambling.

Many people that look at the football gambling online odds will blindly follow the moves and not do anything else. This usually doesn’t work for a couple of reasons. You are never going to get the number the wise guys get, and you don’t know the reason the game moved in football gambling.

There is definitely a reason to monitor late line movement in football online gambling, but it should not be blindly followed. If you haven’t already handicapped the games, then you shouldn’t be playing a late line move simply for the fact the game moved. If, however, you had already handicapped the game and the side you liked was moving, then the game may be worth playing in football gambling.

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