Keys to Winning Super Bowl Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are oftentimes determined by what happens on the offensive and defensive lines.

Super Bowl betting this year should be no different as the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Arizona Cardinals. Let’s look at Super Bowl odds and how the offensive and defensive lines are keys to the game.

Super Bowl odds show that the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. The reasons for Pittsburgh being favored are many but the bottom line could be in the trenches. The Pittsburgh offensive and defensive lines against the Arizona offensive and defensive lines are where this Super Bowl betting matchup will be decided.

Winning teams in Super Bowl odds usually have the advantage upfront. The quarterbacks and the receivers get all of the publicity but it is the offensive and defensive linemen that ultimately win the game. Super Bowl betting this year has Pittsburgh’s #1 defense against Arizona’s #4 offense. Will Arizona be able to move the ball effectively against Pittsburgh’s defense? Super Bowl odds information shows that Pittsburgh has defensive player of the year James Harrison in addition to a lot of other talent including safety Troy Polamalu, linebacker James Farrior, Nose tackle Casey Hampton, and others. Running on Pittsburgh is next to impossible so it will be Arizona’s passing attack against Pittsburgh’s secondary in Super Bowl odds. Will Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner have enough time to find his great receivers? That depends upon the offensive and defensive lines. The best way to stop a passing attack is to get pressure on the quarterback and Pittsburgh does that very well.

On the other side of the Super Bowl odds coin is the Arizona defense against Pittsburgh’s offense. This Super Bowl odds matchup is also interesting. Arizona had a weak offense for most of the season but has played better of late. Pittsburgh’s offense was up and down this season but also has played better of late. If Pittsburgh’s defense shuts down Warner and the Cardinals then it will be up to Arizona’s defense to keep them in the game versus Super Bowl odds. Can their defense put pressure on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger?  Can they contain Pittsburgh running back Willie Parker?

Super Bowl odds are always interesting to look at. Super Bowl odds are even better to bet. As you make your Super Bowl betting decision this season you might want to look at the offensive and defensive lines as keys to the game.

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