Key Numbers in NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds show a wide variety of numbers on the board each week.

Are any of these numbers more important than others when it comes to NFL odds? Let’s look at the 2008 NFL season to see if we can determine which numbers are important.

NFL betting odds will see a lot of three’s and seven’s on the board. The reason for this is that more games end on these two numbers than any other. The really key number in NFL betting odds is the number of three. About 17% of all NFL games are decided by exactly three points. If you think that the number 7 is also important you would be right, to an extent. About 1 in 10 games fall on the 7 in terms of NFL betting odds. What does that mean to you when betting NFL odds?

If you are looking at NFL betting odds and see the number of three you want to get off of that number if you can. Some sportsbooks will allow you to buy on or off of the number three for an extra 10%. You lay -120 instead of -100 and you get the extra half point. For example, you can buy the number 3 in NFL betting odds down to -2.5 if you like the favorite or buy up to +3.5 if you like the underdog in NFL odds. This also applies to getting onto the number of three. You could buy +2.5 up to +3 or -3.5 down to -3 in NFL betting odds. This means that if you see NFL betting odds of 2.5, 3 or 3.5 you want to buy the extra half point onto or off of three.

What about other numbers in NFL betting odds? Do any of them matter? There are about 6% of games that fall on a 10 point margin. This is not enough to make buying points worthwhile. In fact, that number of 7 we looked at earlier does not occur often enough to make buying points around the number of 7 worthwhile in NFL odds. The same thing applies to the number of 4, 6 or even 14. None of these NFL betting odds occur enough to make buying points worth the money.

The bottom line with NFL betting odds is that the only number worth buying the extra half point around is the number of three. Open a New Account and bet on NFL Football at SBG Global!

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