Keeping Up with NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines winning is a constant battle that involved keeping yourself up to date.

The number one reason most gamblers lose when wagering against the football odds is because they use a reactive rather than proactive approach. The typical football odds handicapper is always trying to evaluate and judge tomorrow based on information that has much to do about yesterday, and that is where their problems begin.

NFL betting lines are set based upon the public’s habit of being reactive rather than proactive. If a gambler wants to separate himself from the herd and break apart from the crowd, he must think like the NFL betting lines makers and anticipate value rather than react to it. To put this another way, the NFL betting lines makers know exactly how the mass gambling public is going to react to the results of previous games, particularly if there is an extreme type of result, slump, or winning streak. With that in mind you are falling right into the trap of these football odds makers if you think like the masses.

For example, a team like Dallas can get on a great straight up run yet fail to cover the NFL betting lines many times. The public won’t care though. They will bet the Cowboys regardless of the NFL betting lines. Conversely, a team like Detroit can lose straight up a few weeks, yet be a winner against the NFL betting lines. This illustrates a great point about NFL betting lines. Most of the public thinks with a straight up, rather than a football odds mentality. Teams that are winning will always get attention in NFL betting lines, regardless of whether they cover the spread. On the other side, teams that are losing will almost never get bet, even if they continually cover the NFL betting lines.

If you want to win versus the NFL betting lines you can’t just think like everyone else and overreact. You must think independently and you must keep yourself up to date and not constantly look at what happened last week.

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