Jarmon Selected in Supplemental Draft

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Washington Redskins selected defensive end Jeremy Jarmon in Thursday’s NFL supplemental draft.

Jarmon was the only player selected in the draft. Jarmon is 6’3” and 278 pounds and is considered a player who can make an NFL roster. He was forced into the supplemental draft after Kentucky declared him ineligible for his senior season because of a failed drug test. He tested positive for a banned diuretic supplement. The Redskins will now lose their third-round pick next season in the regular 2010 NFL Draft. Jarmon was the first player that Washington has ever taken in a supplemental draft. The Redskins are listed at 19-1 in NFL betting odds at the sportsbook to win Super Bowl XLIV.

A total of eight players were eligible for the supplemental draft but only Jarmon was selected. NFL betting information shows that a total of six teams put in claims for Jarmon but all of the other teams put their request in taking Jarmon in the fourth round. The supplemental draft is different than the regular NFL draft since teams select players exactly in the round they want. In this case, Washington was the only team to put in a third round request as sports betting information shows, so they got Jarmon. NFL odds numbers tell us that the supplemental draft has been in place since 1977 and a total of 37 players have been taken. No players were taken in last year’s draft as NFL betting numbers show.

Jarmon was projected as a fourth-round pick in the regular NFL Draft so it is a little bit surprising that the Redskins took him with a third-round pick. Scouts worry about his ability to rush the passer effectively in the NFL. Jarmon had an excellent season at Kentucky two years ago but struggled somewhat last year as opponents did a good job of adjusting their blocking schemes. Jarmon has the third-most sacks in Kentucky history as NFL betting numbers indicate and he was an honorable mention on last season’s AP All-SEC team.

Jarmon’s strength looks to be playing the run. He may be well suited to that role in the NFL. Washington will be looking for him to bulk up somewhat so he can be an effective run stuffer. Washington doesn’t have much talent at the left end spot as NFL odds stats show with Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn having seen their better days.

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