Jaguars Betting on Robinson Staying Awake This Season

July 6, 2016 NFL Football

Denard Robinson NFL betting enthusiasts are always looking for the latest analysis, and today that involves an amusing anecdote. The state of Florida is notorious for producing the most comical headlines and last night Denard Robinson, the Jaguars 3rd down back, made his contribution to the states’ long running gag. 

Last night Robinson came dangerously close to ‘sleeping with the fishes’ as his car was found sinking into a pond. However, the running back was still inside asleep accompanied by a female passenger. Officers arrived on scene to find the car slowly submerging into the pond with Robinson passed out in the driver’s seat
The police officer approached the vehicle and began knocking on the window. Robinson opened his eyes and then fell back asleep. The officer continued to knock until the passenger awoke and opened the window to respond with ‘What’s up?’
“I explained that their vehicle was in a pond and that they needed to exit the vehicle.” The officer wrote in the report. “The passenger attempted to roll the window back up. I was able to reach in the vehicle and unlock the door so I could help the occupants exit the vehicle. The passenger refused to exit the vehicle and had to be pulled out of the car.” 
This all happened while Robinson was passed out in the driver’s seat. After securing the female passenger officer’s then proceeded to wake the 25-year-old running back.
“The driver thought he was on a road and did not want to exit the vehicle. I had to tell the driver multiple times his car was in a pond and was sinking so he needed to hurry up and get out. The driver tried about three times to open the driver’s door which was the side that was under water.” The officer continued to explain. “I had to keep reminding the driver to climb out of the passenger side because his door was in the water.”
Eventually both travelers were able to be secured. Officers on the scene somehow concluded that Robinson was not under the influence and will not be charged with a DUI. How many NFL betting fans’ would’ve wagered on him being impaired? Either that or Robinson is the heaviest sleeper in the world. Robinsons’ car did not escape unscathed and was deemed totaled.
The Jaguars’ released a statement saying they are aware of the incident and are glad no one was injured. The Jaguars rely on Robinson to provide a change of pace in their backfield. This will be Robinson’s 4th season with the Jags. Last season he averaged 4 yards per carry on 67 attempts. He also had 21 receptions for 164 yards. 
Over the last few seasons the Jaguars have struggled to both win games and fill stadiums. Last season they posted a mediocre 5-11 that earned them 3rd in the AFC south only because the Titans were worse at 3-13. The Jaguars have been making some moves this offseason but will it be enough to win them the AFC South? NFL betting enthusiasts and sportsbook users in general, can find some value on that wager as the Jaguars odds are currently listed at +350 to win their division. 

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