It’s Time for NFL Betting Futures

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting technically begins with preseason action in August but there are other options on the online sportsbook board including NFL futures.

What team do you think is going to win this year’s Super Bowl?  What team is going to win their division and how many games do you think your favorite team will win this season?  Now is the time to answer all the NFL football betting questions.

NFL betting futures are exciting to wager on and they keep you in action all season. Just like in other sports, when we look to make an NFL future bet at the online sportsbook we want to get some value.  The NFL has really become a league full of parity, as nearly every team believes they have a legitimate chance at winning the Super Bowl.  NFL betting in terms of futures can present some good opportunities because nearly every team can make a claim at having a chance to win the Super Bowl. 

The goal is to find teams that offer good value in NFL betting futures at the online sportsbook. As with any other future bet, it is very difficult to tie up money for many months without getting at least double digit NFL football betting odds.  That narrows our choices quite a bit in NFL betting.  Usually to get some decent value in NFL football betting, the team we look at to win the Super Bowl has to have had a losing record the previous season.  The question we ask ourselves in NFL betting is, “Can a losing team from one season turn it around the next in online sports betting?”  The answer is definitely yes in the ultra-competitive NFL.  We routinely see teams that struggle one year be a division winner the next.  Look at recent runner-ups like Carolina and Arizona in NFL betting. They came from nowhere to make it to the Super Bowl.  Those are just a couple of examples of teams that turned it around quickly and gave bettors excellent value in NFL betting.

Another way to look at NFL betting is to bet on how many games your team will win for the season.  NFL football betting oddsmakers set a number, and you can go over or under that number, depending upon how successful you think your team will be.  Obviously if we picked some Super Bowl surprises we would also want to consider those same teams for betting over or under their amount of wins in NFL betting.  We can also bet against a team we think is going to have a rough season in NFL betting.

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