Football Betting Wise Guys

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Internet football betting wise guys oftentimes pounce on the opening football betting lines at sportsbooks that they consider soft.

Internet football betting wise guys are those gamblers that are either professionals or acting on the behalf of professionals as they place wagers against the football betting line. Internet football betting wise guys will bet NFL games early in the week and sometimes late in the week.

An early Internet football betting line posted at an online sportsbook is usually going to be off on many games and that is where the wise guys will hit. They hit these numbers before the rest of the public can bet them. Sportsbooks and online Internet football betting websites will adjust the football betting line after it is bet by the wise guys and that is usually the number you will see on Monday mornings. Remember that the opening Internet football betting line comes out the Sunday before the games.

The Internet football betting wise guys will bet a game that they think should have a different number than what is posted at the sportsbook. It could be they see a small advantage or it could be a large one. It is also possible they will set up a game for later in the week in Internet football betting. Sometimes there is no way of knowing what the early wise guy move means.

There are many football betting gamblers that follow the lead of the wise guys and get on the same side. The problem with blindly following the wise guys is two-fold in Internet football betting. First, you don’t know the reason the wise guys bet the game. They may be playing the game to set it up for later and you get stuck on the wrong side. Second, you almost always get the worst number in Internet football betting. The wise guys get the number they wanted but you are stuck with the number after it moves. That can really add up throughout the season in Internet football betting.

Wise guys in football betting do exist. Sometimes they win money and sometimes they do not. Identifying the wise guys is sometimes difficult to do and deciding which games of theirs are worth playing is sometimes even more difficult. The best way to deal with wise guy football betting moves is to monitor them. Don’t ignore them, but don’t give them too much credit either.

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