Internet Football Betting Parlays

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Internet football betting parlays are when a gambler selects teams to form his parlay from the possible bets and odds listed on the football betting board.

Internet football betting parlays are some of the most exciting wagers to make at a sportsbook. If you are new to online football betting and are wondering what a parlay is, it is a sports betting wager that involves more than one team or over/under total.  An Internet football betting gambler can pick 10 different teams or totals, (all sides, all totals, or combined), and bet them all together on a 10 team parlay if he so chooses. 

You may also see a football betting parlay card where odds are listed early in the week and do not change. The odds for a regular parlay come off the board and will change as the Internet football betting odds change for each game. The parlay card lines in Internet football betting do not change.

Your average recreational football betting gambler that hopes to go 50/50 with his football picks really has to get lucky to win a parlay. A skilled professional Internet football betting gambler, however, can gain for himself an excellent money making edge with parlays if he limits them to two or at most three bets.   The odds increase with each amount of teams on a parlay and the more teams you add, the more difficult the parlay is to hit in Internet football betting. Many gamblers that look Internet football betting parlays like to keep their parlays to 3, 4, or 5 teamers. It gets very difficult to hit parlays with 6 or more teams. Yes, the payoffs are great if you happen to hit a big multi-team parlay in Internet football betting, but they are extremely tough to win.

NFL betting parlays are extremely popular at sportsbooks. Many Internet football betting gamblers will put together an NFL parlay that includes a couple early games, a late game and perhaps the Monday Night Football game. These are very popular types of parlays with Internet football betting gamblers.

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