Internet Football Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Internet football betting odds move a great deal each week. The goal for gamblers is to make a judgment on the football betting line value.

Internet football betting line moves are very interesting to consider. If, when handicapping football, an Internet football betting gambler likes the favorite of a game that opened at minus-seven and it has been bet up to minus-seven and a half, the gambler must act fast as the betting activity is trending towards the favorite and the higher the football betting odds climb on that favorite, the less value that it offers.

An excellent indicator of which side a gambler wants to be on in a football game is a scenario in which the Internet football betting line had a sharp early move, but then later in the week had an opposite move.  The likely read on this movement is that the sharps and professionals caused the early move and then the general sports betting public caused the movement back towards where the original football betting line was.  The side that you would want to be on in this scenario should be obvious.

In addition to the general public reaction or overreaction to a line move, there is also late breaking news that can cause Internet football betting odds to move in one direction or the other.  Injuries, weather reports, colorful quotes, trades, etc. call all cause the Internet football betting odds to fluctuate throughout the week before a football game.  When looking at football picks it is important to not allow yourself to be overly influenced by these factors when judging the overall value or lack of it in relation to the Internet football betting odds.

While the Internet football betting odds will fluctuate throughout the week leading up to a football game, those moves are for different reasons.  Early Internet football betting line moves are likely a few large individual bets from professionals while late line moves are from countless small wagers of the general public.  Beware that they will move the Internet football betting line to entice football picks on the wrong side of the game.

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