Injuries and Intangibles Influence on NFL Bet

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bet odds are definitely influenced by injuries and by intangibles. Few things in life get the NFL betting public more worked up than an injury, especially to a quarterback, running back or receiver.

But even an injury to an offensive or defensive lineman can often get the masses into a frenzy thinking that they have “discovered” a great hidden value for their NFL bet. And that is the first of many mistakes the public makes in regards to injuries.

NFL bet odds are affected by injuries but there are no secrets. The NFL is very open about injuries. In fact, the reports are mandatory. The NFL betting oddsmakers get the injury reports and adjust the NFL bet odds accordingly, based both on the merit of the injury as well as the likely public gambling reaction to it. And since the NFL betting public is prone to often overreact to injuries, the betting line is often over-adjusted in order to meet this consumer demand. This means that, as incredible as it may sound, the injured team may stand to have more value in NFL bet odds. When making an NFL bet this is something to keep in mind.

Another interesting factor to look at when making an NFL bet each week is the intangible. Sometimes this NFL bet factor is overrated and over-hyped.  The must-win game is definitely one of those. More money has been bet and lost on teams that had to win than perhaps any other intangible angle. What you have to understand about the must win game when making an NFL bet is that the oddsmakers are also fully aware that a team must win. They know that the public is aware of this information when making an NFL bet, and therefore they adjust the NFL betting lines and jack the price up on the team that must win to meet that demand.

Other intangibles such as revenge are also accounted for by the oddsmaker in advance of the public making an NFL bet. Keep in mind that injuries and intangibles are oftentimes overrated when it comes to pro football wagering.

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