Indianapolis Colts Change Horses from Wentz to Ryan

Indianapolis Colts Change Horses from Wentz to Ryan

Since 2015 the Colts have only two playoff appearances and just three winning seasons. The inability to get quality quarterbacking is a major reason why. Andrew Luck was a quality signal-caller but battered into retirement after the 2018 season. Indianapolis has gone through several quarterbacks after Luck’s departure. Last year they believed they had the answer in Carson Wentz. But when the Colts were on the cusp of the playoffs, they flopped with the NFL betting odds. Needing only to beat the Jaguars and Jacksonville, Indianapolis choked. And Wentz did nothing to help when it mattered most.

2022 Super Bowl Indianapolis Colts Odds and Player Moves

Date:The season opens on September 8, 2022

2022-23 Super Bowl Championship & Colts Odds at SBG

Buffalo Bills+675
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+762
Kansas City Chiefs+925
Green Bay Packers+1025
Los Angeles Rams+1125
San Francisco 49ers+1425
Denver Broncos+1575
Los Angeles Chargers+1600
Cleveland Browns+1625
Dallas Cowboys+1625
Baltimore Ravens+2100
Cincinnati Bengals+2100
Indianapolis Colts+2375
Arizona Cardinals+2550
Tennessee Titans+2525
Miami Dolphins+3375
New England Patriots+3875
Las Vegas Raiders+4125
Minnesota Vikings+4250
New Orleans Saints+4250
Philadelphia Eagles+4625
Washington Commanders+6150
Pittsburgh Steelers+6775
All Other Teams+9000 or higher

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No Luck No Results SBG Odds Overview

Of course, Andrew Luck shocked the sportsbook world by retiring during the Colts’ final 2019 preseason game. Yet Indianapolis believed that Carson Wentz was the answer for the 2021 campaign. And for much of the year, Wentz played above most of his team. But when it mattered most, Wentz shrunk under the spotlight. Indianapolis lost its final two games of the season against the beatable Raiders and Jaguars. Wentz could not finish. As a result, volatile owner Jim Irsay went on a tirade. And Wentz paid the price by being banished to the Washington Commanders. Enter Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan Brings Gravitas to Quarterback Position

On the whole, Matt Ryan is the greatest quarterback in Atlanta Falcon history. Ryan and the Birds came the closest to winning the franchise’s only Super Bowl championship. In February of 2017, Atlanta led the Patriots 28-3 in the 51st Super Bowl midway through the third quarter. Yet the Patriots stormed back to win the game 34-28. And the Falcons are yet to recover. However, Ryan remained the popular marquee man of the franchise. That Super Bowl season saw Ryan win NFL Most Valuable Player Award honors. Ryan, age 36, is a 4-time Pro Bowler. From 2008 through 2021, Ryan led the Falcons to six playoff appearances.

The problem for the Falcons was that the supporting cast around Ryan deteriorated through the years. He became a one-man team towards the end of his tenure. While the Falcons fell out of contender status, Ryan remained a Pro football Bets asset. In comparison to Wentz, Ryan is a safe and reliable addition. Players and coaches view him as a pro’s pro. That is something that still alludes Wentz.

Consider that Indianapolis gave up just a third-round draft pick to land Ryan. Additionally, the Colts are rated as the best team in the NFC South. If Ryan can simply be efficient, he can become the missing piece to the Colts’ playoff aspirations. Certainly, Indianapolis will be a much better team for Ryan than the rebuilding Falcons.