Indianapolis Colts 2015-16 Season Preview

August 3, 2015 NFL Football

Colts Player During GameAs we prepare for the upcoming NFL Season and for the fans of the Colts of Indianapolis who Bet on NFL at SBG sportsbook, we take a look at the Colts who they claim this season its Super Bowl of Bust.

This past offseason the Colt managed to improve their team and offensive weaponry for their QB A. Luck who is seeking a run into the depth of the playoffs this season. However, they still remain with some weaknesses as they were unable to fill all their needs in this offseason.

This 2015-16 seasons the Colts have a tremendous throwing arm as their QB had his 1st appearance in the AFC playoffs in the 2014-15 seasons. But unfortunately the Colts los their conference championship game to the Patriots of New England in what was a very one sided score with the Patriots 45 and the Colts 7 as Indy met its match.

This season the Colts will be seeking another appearance in the playoffs, as they play in a conference that seem easy for them, with the toughest opponent being the Texans who last season finished with 9 wins and 7 losses. The Colts are favored in the early odds at -475 to win their 5th consecutive in the AFC South.

But remember for a team to make the conference playoffs is one thing but making the Super Bowl is another thing. In this past offseason the feel they took strides that they think could see them to the Super Bowl. So with all the changes the Colts made they are at +600 to win SB 50!

So let’s take a look at some of their offseason changes, as the 1st upgraded their receiving roster adding A. Johnson and drafting P. Dorsett from the Miami Hurricanes. Johnson comes from the Texans after 12 seasons of which 7 seasons he average 1,000 yards in receptions.

Through free agency they improved their offense by signing RB F. Gore the former Pro Bowler from the S.F. Niners, and last year he rushed for 1,110 yards and 4 TD’s, while averaging 4.4 yards each carry in a very tough NFC West division.

The Colts in the offseason made some great changes but seemed to overlook an important part of the defense, and that’s against the run. They acquired veteran LB – T. Cole but he good pass rusher but weak on run defense. Also, they got LB N. Irving as he comes off and injured reserve 2014-15 seasons. That concern on defense could be a hurdle to overcome as they seek a Super Bowl victory.

Of course their key player is QB A. Luck, and he can relieve some of the concern about the run defense, if Luck just passes for TD’s against the opponents at all his opportunities. The QB was 3rd in the NFL last season with 4,762 yards and 40 TD’s the best in the league and he’s only in his 3rd NFL season. Plus, this season the Colts claim to give him some new weapons to pick up his game.

A big game for the Colts comes on the 19th of October when they take on the Patriots of New England to whom the Colts lost the AFC Title game last season. In that game the Patriots RB. Blount to gain some 148 yards, and in the regular season game they also lost by score of 42-20 as rookie RB J. Gray ran for 4 TD’s on 201 yards rushing.

Seems as though the Patriots have the Colts number, as they have lost the ultimate 6 games with 3 of those loses accredited to QB A. Luck and his era.

One media expert predicts that the Colts at +600 will win its 1st SB since back in 2006 season. That would be incredible and exciting for the Colt fans of Indianapolis!

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