How important is NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

How important is NFL Preseason Betting at SBG Global Sports Betting

Does it really matter if a team went unbeaten in the NFL preseason or if they didn’t win a game?  What difference does it make when talking about regular season NFL betting? The NFL preseason betting does matter in terms of teams doing well in the regular season.  Teams that go on to win the Super Bowl have done well in the preseason.  Many times in the past the Super Bowl winner had a winning record in the NFL preseason betting

If we go back over past seasons we find that winning teams in the preseason have nearly a 60% chance of finishing with a winning record in the regular season.  That may surprise you but think about that stat again.  That means winning preseason teams have a good chance to win during the regular season. Conversely, teams that had losing preseason records have a 55% chance of finishing the regular season with a losing record. This means if a team has a winning preseason they are more likely to have a winning regular season, but if they lose in the preseason their chances of winning in the regular season are less.  Do you still think the NFL preseason betting is meaningless as you look at regular season NFL betting?

Let’s look at little deeper at these NFL preseason betting numbers.  Let’s look at an eight year period from the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s.  Of the teams that made the playoffs in those eight years, 45 had a winning preseason, 30 had a losing one, and 21 finished at .500.  What about the teams making the Championship games?  Of those 32, 20 had a winning preseason, 7 a losing one, and five finished at .500.  If you take it one step farther you’ll see that of teams in the Super Bowl, only two, the Titans in 1999 and the Giants in 2000 had a losing preseason and no team in those 8 years won the Super Bowl with a losing record in the preseason.  Again, no team in those eight years that won the Super Bowl had a losing record in the preseason.

As you look at NFL preseason betting, remember that it does matter what a team does during the NFL preseason.  Oftentimes it sets a mood for the rest of the year.  You sure don’t want to be placing a lot of money on a team that went winless in the preseason.  Conversely, it might not be a bad idea to take a long hard look at teams that went undefeated during the preseason.  Don’t automatically think the preseason is worthless in terms of NFL betting.  The preseason does matter and it can be a good indication of how a team will do during the regular season.  You hear all the time that preseason results don’t matter but we have just shown otherwise.

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