How Important is Online NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting enthusiasts must constantly wrestle with numerous questions about betting football for which there are no definite answers.

One of these online NFL betting questions is about momentum in the NFL and whether it is either real or important. Some online NFL betting skeptics pay little attention to the momentum that teams can build during the season, but history shows us that one can often find success by betting football on teams that are on a roll.

Online NFL betting analysts who doubt the importance of momentum when betting football argue that little streaks are inevitable in the NFL and should not have their importance overstated. Basically, teams will naturally have portions of the season when they either win or lose several games in a row, even if their final records finish between 7-9 and 9-7. A team’s schedule, which will naturally involve some relatively easy games and some relatively hard games, makes the potential for streaks even more likely. Therefore, online NFL betting enthusiasts who do not pay attention to momentum will point out that it is irrational to suddenly think that a mediocre team that has won a few easy online NFL betting match ups can suddenly defeat the top teams in the league. Most winning and losing streaks in the NFL eventually come to a conclusion, meaning that betting football on a team’s momentum will eventually result in an error.

Although momentum certainly is not a flawless indication of how you should be betting football, it is nevertheless an online NFL betting factor worth considering. There is no question that teams can get on rolls during which time a team’s confidence grows and the players unite and overcome any existing internal problems. A team must believe in itself to play well, so success in a few online NFL betting match ups can often be parlayed into momentum and further success down the road. It is for this reason that online NFL betting fans should pay close attention to a team’s few most recent match ups when handicapping the online NFL betting spreads, as opposed to focusing on the Week 1 results when handicapping the Week 12 online NFL betting lines. It is true that a team’s momentum may begin with a string of games against weak opponents, yet that fact does not negate the benefits and opportunities for growth that will result from the team’s success. To look at a team that built on its momentum to defeat numerous seemingly superior foes one simply must look back at the Giants improbable run from Wild Card team to Super Bowl champions in 2008. As that squad proved, a team with momentum can be very dangerous, so handicappers must recognize momentum when analyzing the online NFL betting odds.

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