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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds are based on a few different factors, one of which is home field advantage.

It is important to understand the home field advantage and how it relates to NFL odds. NFL betting odds are made by looking at power ratings, home field advantage and other minor factors.

The power ratings and the home field edge are the two main components of the NFL betting odds. NFL betting odds makers will tell you that home field is worth about three points but that is really not accurate. Some teams and venues rate higher than that in NFL betting odds while other teams rate lower.

Kansas City has had a nice home field advantage at Arrowhead Stadium in recent years according to the NFL betting odds makers but they have had a weak team and are no longer a sure bet at home. This illustrates that the NFL odds makers know not only of the Chiefs ability at home, but also of the public’s interest in them at home. Another team that has a solid home field edge in NFL odds is the Green Bay Packers. Lambeau Field has a historic feel to it and the Packers always get respect at home in the NFL betting odds. What people forget is that the Packers don’t always cover the NFL betting odds pointspread at home. As is the case with Kansas City, the legend of the Packers and their home field has actually driven the NFL betting odds up so high, where Green Bay has no real value on the board when playing at home. The NFL odds makers are, in essence, telling gamblers to take the road team at Green Bay and yet few will dare do so, because of that perception of Green Bay’s invincibility at home.

Both Green Bay and Kansas City prove that perception is important when you are considering the home field advantage in NFL betting odds. Keep in mind when you are looking at NFL betting odds that home field is built into the NFL betting odds. Just because a team like Green Bay or Kansas City has a great reputation at home does not mean they will cover the spread.

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