Handling Losses when making NFL Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets will be won and lost throughout the season. Sometimes how successful you are in NFL betting is determined by how you handle the losses. Let’s look at how to handle losses when making NFL bets.

NFL bets are great when you win and rotten when you lose. The typical gambler ends up making things worse, rather than better, by how he handles losing. The most common reactions to losing are chasing/and going on tilt, changes in plans/methodology, and a lack of vision.

To chase losses, also known as going on “tilt” is the most typical reaction to losing NFL bets and also one of the least effective. While there may be the occasional exception it seems to be more of a rule that gamblers who chase losses make poor decisions with their next NFL bets. For example, a guy on tilt will often make NFL bets on games that he first didn’t like and didn’t think have any board value to them. To make matters even worse, he will bet more of his bankroll on such games than the original games that he actually rated higher in NFL betting. In essence, he is now paying more for less, which is another way to say he is ripping himself off in NFL betting.

What this demonstrates, in the end, is that going on tilt is irrational and an emotional decision based on anger and rage, rather than on thoughtful gambling principles with NFL bets.

Another common mistake made by gamblers that lose NFL bets is that they will completely change their methodology while chasing losses, violating principles that, over time, would keep them out of trouble and perhaps even lead them to profit. Even a guy that uses coin flips for his picks will eventually hit fifty-percent with his NFL bets. But when a guy keeps changing what he is doing, he will only lower his percentages and performance in NFL betting.

In the end, a lack of discipline during losses with NFL bets is deadly because the “bullets” that you waste on tilt would be better employed later with higher percentages and value with NFL bets.

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