Handicapping NFL Preseason Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason odds are obviously not as popular as regular season odds at the sports book but you get paid just the same for wins.

Conversely, when a gambler suffers a loss in NFL preseason betting, it is still a loss and the online sportsbook won’t be giving any refunds.

NFL preseason odds give gamblers a lot of things to consider when handicapping the games. A good place to start when handicapping NFL preseason odds is with the past preseason records of the head coaches. Some coaches have long track records of blowing off exhibition games as NFL preseason odds information shows and saving their bullets for when it counts.  Other coaches like to emphasize the preseason to build momentum and good feeling heading into the regular season. 

Along those same lines a solid potential angle in NFL preseason betting is when a new head coach is in his first preseason, particularly either his first overall game or his first game at home.  New coaches are, more often than not, taking over teams with highly negative recent history and will often use the exhibition season to establish a winning attitude so keep that in mind as you handicap NFL preseason odds at the sports book.  This leads to a solid NFL preseason betting angle of taking a new coach in preseason against an established team.

Coaches who are proven winners of established or power teams, are often poor preseason bets in NFL preseason odds.  In NFL preseason odds at the online sportsbook it is of critical importance to remember that a team that is an established winner and touted contender for the new season ahead has nothing to prove or gain in preseason and their primary goal and focus is to escape the exhibition slate without significant injuries as all they are concerned about is being healthy enough to make a championship run.]

The one good time to consider taking an established team in NFL preseason odds is in the third preseason game, particularly if they enter that game winless.  While established teams don’t place too much emphasis on preseason, the third game in NFL preseason betting is generally considered key and most coaches try and win it. Another NFL preseason odds angle is to get down on a team with a quality backup quarterback.  NFL preseason odds tell us that in exhibition play, starting quarterbacks don’t see much action and the backups generally see more action in preseason than they will for the entire regular season.  If these backup quarterbacks are good then you can win money versus the NFL preseason odds.

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