Handicapping Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You are far better off handicapping college football odds and NFL odds on your own rather than listening to someone else’s opinion.

Football odds can be handicapped in a number of different ways. If you want to win money consistently betting college and NFL odds then you need to find the best handicapping method for you. And no, following the so-called experts is not the best way to bet football odds.

Football odds are so popular that nearly everyone has an opinion on them. To win versus the football odds you really need to have an independent mindset. It takes a lot of courage, to be sure, to go against everyone. But if you want to succeed versus college and NFL odds you really need to think for yourself. At first, it will be very difficult and you will feel vulnerable, and in danger, perhaps like taking your first airborne jump out of an airplane. But in no time at all you will overcome this natural and understandable fear with the power of knowledge in which you know that the sportsbooks would not be in business because the masses are always correct versus the football odds. Many gamblers look for opinions each week in NFL and college football and all that happens is they get more confused.

Amazingly enough, the so-called experts do not always win. In fact, they lose more often than they win. The problem with football experts is that their so-called expertise is already built into the football odds. If they think they know something important it is already factored into the football odds, which means it is worthless.

It really doesn’t matter how you handicap college and NFL odds. There are hundreds of factors you can look at. None are the secret one that will lead you to winners versus football odds. Your chances of winning versus the football odds are just as good with one as they are with the other. The one thing to remember though is that you need to think on your own if you want to win versus the football odds this season.

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