Handicapping Emotion in Football Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines can be handicapped from a number of different perspectives including an emotional one.

Emotion plays a factor both in how the games are played and in your own betting when you wager against lines football. The more emotion involved in football lines, the more in control the handicapper must be.

Football lines in terms of the matchup will involve emotion. There is no doubt that one of the most challenging factors is figuring how a team that is coming off a straight up loss as a favorite will react in their next game in lines football. A smart gambler can often uncover reliable indicators on teams that face this situation starting with a team’s past history against the football lines when coming off a straight up loss. Just as important, however, is to take into account the particular coaches involved along with the reasons and implications of the game at hand as you look at football lines. You must evaluate the emotions of a team as you look at lines football odds if you want to pick more winners.

Another challenge for the handicapper that looks at football lines is to take into account the emotional factors of when a poor team scores a major upset win over a much stronger team. The handicapping question that immediately should be asked versus lines football in such situations is whether that upset straight up win will serve as a springboard or if a letdown will happen next.

There are countless other emotional issues to consider when you look at football lines. Teams that make big comebacks in the previous game versus football lines can often carry that emotion to the next game. The opposite is a team that is coming off a loss in which they seemingly had the game in hand as a win, only to blow the lead. Such losses can cause some teams to collapse for the rest of the year while others demonstrate the ability to shake it off and recover. A team coming off such a loss makes many gamblers weary of laying points in football lines with them in their next game. Other factors such as key injuries, poor performances, perfect performances, revenge angles, etc. all have important emotional components for gamblers to consider versus the football lines.

Don’t ignore emotion when you are betting football lines. Analyze the previous week’s games and also take a look at your own betting. Don’t get emotional in your own betting or you could suffer the same fate as many of the teams you are handicapping.

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