Handicapping College Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets on busy college football Saturdays are extremely exciting.

There is nothing better than a full Saturday of college football bets. There are definitely things you should look at when you bet football on Saturdays and it is these we want to consider.

Football bets are more profitable if you remember a few things. The first one to remember in college and NFL action is that underdogs have value.

Where so many gamblers go wrong in football bets is that they take traditional power teams with high name recognition when they are home favorites. Since nearly everyone is doing that, this makes these teams into overlays and poor board values in terms of football bets. A few gamblers though will take these teams in the role of underdog as they bet football. Anytime that you are offered a quality team at plus points, you should seriously consider it in football bets. Why is that as you bet football? It is because since so many college football gamblers hate to take underdogs you will often be getting extra points as you bet football. This makes these plays “value-added” in which you can get that elusive combination of quality and value together in football bets.

Another thing to keep in mind when making football bets on Saturdays is that college football, unlike the NFL, is a “coach’s game” in which the head coach has considerable influence and near total control of his program. There are a lot of coaching mismatches on the college football gambling boards as different programs have vastly different budgets for what they can spend on a coach. Unlike the NFL, there is not as much parity in college football, which makes the coaches of paramount importance in football bets.

College football is a game of emotion and these emotional/intangible factors are often significant as you consider football bets. Items such as revenge, homecoming, a “calling out,” an opportunity against a “big time” visitor and many other intangibles can often make a serious impact both on the field and on the board in football bets. College football is a game of pride in one’s program and teams will often fight hard to defend it.

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