Halftime Super Bowl Wagering

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl wagering for most gamblers just involves bets made before the game kicks off.

Many sports bettors totally forget that nearly every sportsbook offers Super Bowl wagering at the half.  Let’s look at halftime Super Bowl wagering and some key points to keep in mind.

Super Bowl wagering in terms of halftime bets are pretty easy to understand. Sportsbooks around the world offer a line based entirely on action for the 2nd half of a game.  Sportsbooks offer this Super Bowl wagering opportunity to get more action on the game. The more action they can create the better off that they are, because sportsbooks make more money through volume. Sportsbooks technically want balanced action on the Super Bowl odds but usually that does not happen.  Offering halftime Super Bowl wagering gives the book a chance to balance their action a little bit more. Sportsbooks use the Super Bowl wagering halftime line as a way to hedge their own bottom line on a game.

Let’s say the New England Patriots are playing the Dallas Cowboys with Super Bowl wagering odds of New England -6 and a total of 47.5 The score at the half is New England leading 20-10.  The halftime Super Bowl odds come out at a pick with a total of 24. Now if you like the Patriots you must win the game by more than 10 points to cover the Super Bowl wagering line instead of the original six points.  If you liked Dallas though you can now lose by 10 or less and cover the halftime Super Bowl odds.  You get a little bit more value now with the Cowboys.  The over/under is the same way as now you get a lot of value if you originally liked the game under in Super Bowl wagering.  Instead of under 47.5 you now are under 71.5.

What many gamblers like to do with a Super Bowl wagering halftime bet is similar to what a sportsbook will do and that is hedge their bet.  To hedge a bet means to take a position opposite to your initial wager in order to limit your risk and potentially lock in a profit. Hedging is a kind of insurance where you can protect your original Super Bowl wagering bet.  You might also have the chance to middle a game if the score lands just right.  Halftime wagering is just another great chance to make money versus the Super Bowl odds.

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