Great Choices in NFL Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds give you a wide variety of choices from sides and totals to money lines and parlays to teasers and propositions.

With so many choices in odds football you definitely want to look for value. That means you want to lay fewer points on favorites and take more points on dogs in football odds.

Football odds are kind of like shopping at a store. You want to pay less than you have too and the trick is to learn how to properly assess odds football each week. A good way to start is to look and see what the general gambling public likes and doesn’t like for the week’s football odds. First, there are the popular teams with national followings that get a lot of action regardless of merit such as the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts in the NFL. You have Ohio State, Michigan, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and others in college football that attract a lot of attention on the football odds board. These teams are often worth less than what is posted on the football odds board because of their high public profile. It is also a fact of life that the media has a tremendous role in how the public perceives value in football odds. When you are looking for football odds value, both sides and totals, you must go where the public will not, much like a lake where the best catches are made where nobody goes to fish. Those ugly dogs as they are called can often be winning bets in odds football.

Part of the glory of betting football odds is when you set yourself apart from the masses and are able to muster up the courage to bet against them, regardless of the spin and hype. In fact, you will soon learn that it doesn’t take courage to bet against the masses, it actually takes more nerve to bet with them since they are usually wrong. That doesn’t mean it will always be easy though. Hype is an interesting thing in football odds. Once you hear that everyone is on a particular team in football odds for the week you start believing in them yourself and before you know it you bet on that team. Ignore the hype and look at facts and your chances of odds football success will definitely be greater.

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