Giants Embarass Redskins in Thursday Night Football

March 2nd, 2020 NFL Football

In the Thursday night NFL football game, the New York Giants 2-2 and Eli Manning finally played at their best as they beat the Washington Redskins (1-2) at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

The Giants QB Eli Manning threw for four touchdowns and ran for 1 TD in the win over the Redskins and their TE Donnell who was not a draftee, and was totally a miff at his first postgame news conference, but one thing for certain, he knows how to get in the end zone with the ball. On three occasions the TE #84 at 6′, 6″, 285 pounds, all he needed was to get in the end zone and turn around a catch the pass that Manning threw to him and in the first half of the game.

In the new offense of the Giants which they call the dink-and-dunk, TE Donnell, in his second year from Grambling State has become QB Manning’s prime target in his touchdowns of 5, 6 and 6 yards. In the firstst two games, QB Manning and the team struggled with the new offense implemented by new offensive coordinator McAdoo, and his West Coast offensive system, but in now QB Manning has led the Giants to two consecutive wins with the McAdoo system.

In this new offensive system QB Eli Manning is supposed to complete some 70 percent of his passes, and in this game with Washington he went over that mark completing 28 of his 39 passes for 300 yards in the air and 4 touchdowns with one interception.

In this game the Redskins struggled and it appears to be more than their QB Cousins struggling as their giveaways amounted to 31 points for the Giants. QB Cousins who was starting for injured QB Griffin III finished the game with 257 yards passing on 19 completions for 33 attempts while being intercepted 4 times and fumbling once as 1st year coach, Gruden’s Redskins dropped into the cellar in the East NFC, at 2 ½ games behind the unbeaten Eagles. In the second half in 5 attempts, QB Kirk Cousins had three interceptions whereas QB Griffin III has never had three interceptions in a game. Redskins coach Gruden said, “We were abysmal offensively and defensively and it showed.” The statistics of the game pretty much tell the story as the Giants had 31 first downs on 78 plays for 449 offensive yards with 295 yards passing and 154 yards rushing with 1 interception and their QB sacked once. The Redskins had 17 first downs on 52 plays for 329 total offensive yards on 243 passing and 86 rushing yards with 4 interceptions and QB sacked two times.

So with the Giants scoring in the first quarter for the first time this 2014 season, the fanatic New York fans who bet on NFL at an offshore betting establishment can hope now for better results from the Giants and their new offensive system installed by McAdoo.

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