Giants and NFL Preseason Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Giants are coming off a Super Bowl winning season and that all but guarantees that they’re in for some rotten NFL preseason betting line activity.

Perhaps, that claim goes too far, but world champions generally have little inclination to tear up the NFL preseason betting lines and finish first in the NFL preseason betting. It’s always nice to win NFL preseason betting line match ups but more important -as with the Giants- is to simply whittle your roster down to the best possible players and emerge from the NFL preseason betting line action healthy.

The New York Giants are the current Super Bowl champs and they’ll do little to expose their players to injury during the NFL preseason betting line competition. All the established players and returning starters will likely see very little action in the NFL preseason betting. Even though Tom Coughlin is as old school as you’ll find in this season’s NFL preseason betting lines, he’s not stupid. He’s learned but now that NFL veterans hate the NFL preseason and it’s hardly worth pushing them in order to gain a win in the NFL preseason betting.

But the Giants look to be in good shape as they prepare to face the season that comes after the NFL preseason betting lines. The team is solid at QB with Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning looking to improve upon his career season last year and he should see at least two good quarters of work in the week three NFL preseason betting lines. The team has shored up the position in the off-season as well acquiring David Carr and Andre Woodson who will split the majority of the NFL preseason betting lines snaps.

The defense took a bit hit and will be entering this NFL preseason betting line season without all pro Jason Strahan for the first time in nearly two decades. But the Giants enter the NFL preseason betting as the team deepest at the defensive end spot and despite Strahan’s overwhelming talent, the Giants are probably the only team in the NFL preseason betting lines that has just as talented back ups at the DE position ready to play.

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