NFL Gambling and Football Gambling

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling value is one of those things that bettors are always in search of. Whether it is finding the best football betting line or the best parlay odds, value is very important in football gambling.

Football gambling involves betting pointspreads and that means the better teams are laying points to the weaker teams. The sportsbook charges a 10% vigorish which is how they make money in football betting. You must find enough winners to overcome that edge. It takes almost 53% just to break even in football gambling.

It is not always easy to find value because there are so many variables, however, with experience it can be done, especially if you focus on only one sport. If you are a football betting player then you probably want to look at underdogs for your value picks. Football, especially the NFL, has a ton of public money and that means a lot of money is bet on the favorites every single week.

As you search for value in football gambling always remember that doing what everyone else is doing rarely works. You oftentimes have to go against the grain in football gambling. That means taking underdogs many of the times in football betting even though it is not popular or easy to do. That is what wins more often than not in football gambling though, so you have to be disciplined and have enough guts to take the dogs if you want to find value in football gambling.

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