Gamblers Love to Bet on Super Bowl Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on Super Bowl action dwarfs all of the other sporting events when it comes to popularity and money.

The Super Bowl, pro football’s championship game, is the single largest sporting event in the world both in terms of television viewers and money wagered. Beyond simply picking the pointspread winner, there are countless other ways to wager and make Super Bowl betting picks.

Bet on Super Bowl action has become a national holiday in and of itself in the United States. And from a bet on Super Bowl perspective, it is the most heavily booked weekend at Las Vegas as casino resorts charge premium rates. Online sportsbooks take in more money from gamblers that bet on Super Bowl action than they do in some months all together as people that don’t even watch a lot of pro football, or wager on it, will make Super Bowl betting wagers. From regular bet on Super Bowl side and total wagers to the bet on Super Bowl props, there is no question that gamblers have a lot to choose from.

The Super Bowl has evolved from being known as the AFL/NFL World Championship game in January 1967 to being known as the greatest and biggest sporting event on the calendar. The first Super Bowl didn’t even sell out as the Green Bay Packers of the established National Football League clobbered the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League 35-10 as 14-point Super Bowl betting favorites.

That first Super Bowl, interestingly enough, set the precedence as far as things to look for with your own picks as you bet on Super Bowl pointspreads. Green Bay, like all Super Bowl champions, had a clearly superior defense and running game, the two most important characteristics of a winning Super Bowl betting team. The Chiefs had a comparable offense to Green Bay’s, but could not match the Packers on defense, a key point for gamblers to consider when making a bet on Super Bowl wager. Beyond that, Kansas City was lacking in big game experience, another factor in making effective bet on Super Bowl wagers.

Through the years in pro football, teams with great defenses always were the better side to take when gamblers bet on Super Bowl action. That is one fact that has stood the test of time for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl odds.

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