Gamblers Liking Three Options for AFC South Title

Gamblers Liking Three Options for AFC South Title

The AFC East and West are historic sectors and brands that date back to 1960 and the founding of the American Football League. Correlate that the AFC South was born out of NFL odds expansion and franchise relocation. In 2002, the AFC South opened for business with the Tennessee Titans, formerly the Houston Oilers. In turn, the Oilers were replaced by the expansion Houston Texans. Also filling out the division are the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were born from expansion in the 1990s. Also, there is the Indianapolis Colts, who originally joined the AFC East during the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

AFC South Division Championship Odds:

Houston Texans+105
Jacksonville Jaguars+270
Indianapolis Colts+330
Tennessee Titans+800

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2024 AFC South Overview

At the beginning sportsbook days of the division, the Colts dominated, with quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning led them to seven division titles in eight seasons from 2003 through 2010. Next came the Houston Texans, who won the AFC South six times from 2011 to 2019. After the Titans reclaimed the division crown for 2020 and 2021, the Jacksonville Jaguars won it in 2022. Last year, the Texans reclaimed AFC South supremacy with rookie QB CJ Stroud. The season gave fans and gamblers optimism for a potential new dynasty.

This year, gamblers see the Texans as the favorite to repeat as AFC South champions. But they, too, are shopping the Jaguars and the Colts. Tennessee is given less of a chance by the betting public after firing popular head coach Mike Vrabel. Also problematic is quarterback Will Levis, who many fans and observers deride as a bad joke.

Last year was a disappointing step back for the Jaguars. Especially after winning the AFC South in 2022. That 2022 campaign was the first for head coach Doug Pederson, who is best known for leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl championship. Pederson has a well-earned reputation as a QB whisperer. And that was the case when he tutored Trevor Lawrence into a winning QB.

Lawrence’s rookie NFL betting odds season went to waste with the ill-fitting Urban Meyer as head coach. But when Pederson arrived, he proved to have the Midas touch. He led the Jags to a playoff win and the presumption of a winning era. Jacksonville’s step back in 2023 was a bitter disappointment. And something the franchise is fighting to recover from.

In like manner, CJ Stroud was the Trevor Lawrence of 2023 in leading the Texans to a surprise division championship. DeMeco Ryans was not a popular hire as head coach. But nobody is griping anymore after he led the Texans to a playoff win and an unexpected season of triumph. Now comes the big test for Stroud and Ryans. Both must prove that the 2023 season was not a fluke.

Jacksonville claimed just its second AFC South title in 2022. Suddenly, the Jaguars were the team to beat in this division. Consider the other three teams were all fully in rebuilding mode. Although Jacksonville is a mid-tier team in the conference, the Jags were odds-on favorites to win the division. But Houston was the surprise team of 2024 and took the division. And the Sloppy Jaguars stepped back.

The Indianapolis Colts’ success in the AFC South dates to their days with Hall of Famer Peyton Manning under center. Since 2014, the Colts have not claimed a division title. Houston was the team of the 2010s with all six of its AFC South titles in that decade, surpassing both Tennessee and Jacksonville.