Future Win Totals in NFL Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets can be made on something called over/under win totals. These are part of the future bets options in NFL betting and have gained popularity with bettors every season.

NFL bets in regards to win totals are the number of wins a team will get during the season. For example, if you see a line that reads, “Minnesota Vikings 8.5” you would have the option of betting on whether or not the Vikings would go over or under 8.5 wins for their regular season with your NFL bets.

While the checklist should be obvious as far as what to look for when you make NFL bets on futures, the ultimate quest is for value. And that is where so many gamblers get into trouble, just as they do when they bet off the board as they make the same mistakes of betting on high prices, making too many NFL bets, and leaning on favorites.

Just as is the case when they make NFL bets on the Super Bowl and conference championship odds, too many gamblers rely far too heavily on last year’s results repeating themselves. While last year can be used as a guide, it is not a guarantee of things to come in this year’s NFL bets. There are too many variables in NFL betting such as injuries, roster moves, coaching changes, and, yes, luck.

In a league that is built on parity, luck plays a big part with NFL bets. Many teams that got all the breaks en route to a breakout season in the prior year will suffer from regression in the season that follows, even as their NFL betting odds and win totals posted on the board have inflated.

Just as is the case when you bet off the board, when you make NFL bets on futures, keep in mind that when a surprise team is discovered, they are no longer a surprise and they no longer bring value in NFL betting.  Making NFL bets on win totals is a great way to keep in action all season and still enjoy the action.

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