Future NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds on futures have never been more popular.

Online sportsbooks have made NFL odds on futures extremely attractive, offering a number of great choices. Let’s take a look at betting NFL futures.

NFL betting odds on futures are the most popular on the NFL odds for each team to win the Super Bowl. And while there is not a lot of value on betting on the chalks such as New England, Dallas, Indianapolis and San Diego, there are oftentimes phenomenal NFL betting odds that a gambler can cash in on if he can find a “sleeper” team such as the 1999 St. Louis Rams, who emerged from nowhere to win it all and pay at handsome NFL odds for the few folks who had a ticket on them.

NFL betting odds have proven to have better opportunities to cash in on a “sleeper” than college football, where there has not been a “surprise” national champion in quite some time. Another highly popular form of “futures” NFL odds that continues to catch on and start to rival the Super Bowl NFL betting odds is over/under betting on each teams total amount of wins for the regular season. For example, if you see NFL betting odds that read “New England 10.5” that means that you would wager on whether or not New England would win over or under the 10.5 win total for the season.

Although the over/under board on team wins doesn’t offer the long shot payoff NFL betting odds on dark horse Super Bowl and conference championship teams, it does appeal to gamblers that fancy themselves as experts on all of the teams.

NFL betting odds on futures will always be popular since everyone has a favorite team. The NFL betting odds on futures also are appealing because you can get teams at 10-1, 20-1 or higher NFL betting odds. This makes a $10 or even a $100 bet attractive when the return can be substantial. That is why NFL betting odds futures are fun to bet, exciting to follow, and keep you in action all season.

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