Future Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The football odds futures are adjusted throughout the season and if your team gets off to a slow start you will get better odds football after losses.

Football odds on futures are wagers on what will happen at the end of the season. Futures in odds football action usually are the most popular on teams to win the Super Bowl or the NCAA National Championship in college football. Football odds in terms of futures are really focused on two main areas.

You can bet on the football odds of a team winning the Super Bowl, college national championship, or conference championship or you can wager on a team going over or under a set number of total wins in the regular season. You might also have individual divisions or conference futures as well in football odds. Just as there are two main ways to play odds football futures, there seem to be two different methodologies to betting on them. One is to do the obvious and take the big favorites in football odds such as New England in the NFL or USC in college football. While chances are fair that you may be right, there is no real value to doing this as your money is tied up for months at a time on what will be a relatively low payoff in football odds.

That same money that you would tie up on a low football betting odds future play could better be used each week against the football odds board, where you can get immediate returns. Then there is the other “methodology” which is to bet on your home town or favorite team to win it all or go over the total wins number posted on the football odds board for the season. Again, a nice thought, but no real value potential is there.

A third option also exists although few people consider it. You may find excellent value on teams in futures bets if you are willing to do a little research. You might actually wait a few weeks into the season and then bet odds football futures. Since the futures football odds fluctuate during the season, you can oftentimes find value if you are in tune with the teams.

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