Football Betting – Have the Future Odds Changed Heading into Week 1?

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The time is right now to wager on futures in football betting.

The NFL regular season is about to start so NFL football betting Super Bowl odds get the most attention in futures.  Have the odds changed from where they opened and which teams are getting the most action at SBG?

There are a few teams that are the “hot” teams in Super Bowl futures.  There are also a few other teams that are off the radar who could surprise and there are some overrated teams.

Hot Bets – The team that is getting the most action in NFL football betting futures is the Green Bay Packers. They have looked superb in the preseason and all of the hype in the NFC is on Green Bay.  Before the preseason the hype was on Dallas and the Cowboys are still 6-1 in Super Bowl odds but Green Bay is now right behind them at 6.5 to 1.  In the AFC the team that is getting the press is Baltimore. The Ravens are now 9-1 to win the Super Bowl.  The Jets were the hot team before the preseason but they have looked poor and they still don’t have Darrelle Revis who is holding out. The Jets are now 9-1, equal with the Ravens.

Favorite – Not to be forgotten are the Indianapolis Colts who are the 5-1 favorite to win the Super Bowl.  The Colts made it to the Super Bowl last season but they couldn’t get past the Saints.  Indianapolis has the role of favorite this year.

Longshots – There are a few teams that are getting some action in terms of longshots.  Remember that the Super Bowl favorites usually don’t win it all. It is a team that comes from just off the radar that wins. One of those teams is the Atlanta Falcons. They are 20-1 and if history is any indication they could unseat New Orleans this season in the NFC South. The San Francisco 49ers is another team getting a long look from bettors. The 49ers are now 15-1 to win it all.

Dropping like a Rock – Teams that have fallen off the face of the map include Arizona who is now 55-1 to win the Super Bowl and the Denver Broncos who are now 90-1.  Oddsmakers don’t like the look for Arizona without Kurt Warner and the Broncos are getting no love from football betting oddsmakers.

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