Football Wagering Bettors

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering bettors can fall into many different categories. You have football betting players that do their own handicapping, some that follow services, and yet others that are just recreational bettors.

Football wagering players can be successful no matter what category they fall into. There is not an exact “right” answer as to which way to select games for your football wagering.  There is more than one way to win at football betting.  You can read all the so-called advice about money management, theories, trends, etc, but there is not an exact science when it comes to selecting winners.

Football wagering is a great thing to do, but it requires some sort of plan.  Switching back and forth is a quick recipe for disaster.  Let me give you an example or two.  Let’s say you were totally prepared for a football season, did all the handicapping, research, trends, etc, but started off the season having a rough few weeks.  You would then jump right off your own handicapping and right onto some service claiming they were winning.  Well, you can probably guess what will happen.  The football wagering service went in the tank, and your own handicapping would have picked some winners.  So after a few weeks of this you decide you have had enough of the service and go back to doing the work.  Guess what happens the next few weeks.  Yep, your handicapping goes through a cold spell and the service wins again. 

A huge tip for football wagering that will definitely help you is to stick to your plan.  Be flexible, but don’t radically go off the deep end and abandon what you believe in.  If you firmly believe that you have what it takes to do win at football wagering don’t let a bad run discourage you.  If you are following a football wagering service or someone you trust, don’t jump off the ship if things start to go bad.  If they are good they will probably turn things around. Football wagering is not always easy.  It can be a valley of severe ups and downs.  The patient football betting gambler can understand this and not overreact to results.

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