Football Online Gambling on Peyton Manning

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online gambling on Manning is attractive to many football gambling fans simply because Manning is so unbelievably talented.

Football online gambling is often heavily influenced by the NFL’s superstars, who typically attract lots of football gambling action because of their proven abilities to succeed. Peyton Manning is unquestionably one of the league’s greatest superstars and most football online gambling enthusiasts place Manning among the top handful of quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL. Manning has proven the football gambling world that he has what it takes to win a Super Bowl, yet football gambling fans should be cautious about the inflated football online gambling value that bettors sometimes perceive in Manning.

Manning has helped the Colts to dominate the AFC South for many years and in many of those seasons the Colts have, in fact, offered tremendous football online gambling value. Manning is a true field general who is known for orchestrating amazing comebacks and is better at making adjustments at the line of scrimmage than any other quarterback in the league.

Consequently, bettors know that if a game is not over and Manning is on the field then football online gambling on the Colts always has potential. Manning consistently is at the top of the league in every important statistical category and frequently throws for more than 4,000 yards per season. Also, because Manning is the center of such a formidable offensive machine, many gamblers enjoy football online gambling on the over when wagering on the Colts.

Manning is such an amazing player that it is hard to question those gamblers who favor football online gambling on the Colts and the over. Nevertheless, football online gambling enthusiasts should remember that even Manning has bad days. In almost every season Manning has one or two games in which he never seems to get comfortable and he ends up throwing various interceptions. Furthermore, Manning’s success and popularity have naturally been noticed by those who set the football gambling lines.

The Colts are favored in most of their football gambling match ups, meaning that football online gambling on the Colts demands them to not only win, but sometimes win by a large quantity of points. The lines makers, who know that Manning and the Colts will inevitably attract lots of football online gambling action, sometimes favor the team by more than they deserve to be favored. Therefore, despite Manning’s unquestionable talents, bettors must be wary about automatically football online gambling on Manning’s Colts without any additional analysis of the football gambling odds.

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