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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online betting is most popular on pointspread sides. You can also refer to this type of wagering as “spread,” or “line” betting.

When you bet sides in football betting you either take the favorite at minus points or the dog at plus points. Let’s look at some examples.

Football online betting sides are easy to understand. For example, if you see an NFL football betting line that reads, Buffalo +7, New England -7 that means that Buffalo would have to either win the game or lose by less than seven points to “cover the spread” while New England would have to win by more than seven-points to cover the football online betting spread. If the game ended with New England winning by exactly seven points the game would be considered a “push” and all bets would be refunded in football online betting. If New England beat Buffalo 27-21, Buffalo would still win the bet even though they lost the game because the lost by less than seven points in football online betting. If New England beat Buffalo 27-17 they would cover the spread and win the bet because they won by more than seven points in football betting.

When you read over and look at the NFL football betting lines, keep in mind that sometimes the better team is not favored and that the football online betting pointspreads are set more based on public perception of the matchup than on the merits of the teams. For example, you will often hear about how, “the oddsmakers think that Kansas City is 4-points better than Oakland,” or similar pronouncements in football online betting. That’s not what the oddsmakers actually think in football online betting. What the oddsmakers really think is that the line that they set will either attract equal amounts of action to both sides of the game or trap the public into taking the wrong side in football online betting.

Regardless of which side that you take, you will have to wager ten-percent above what you are trying to win, which is known as “vig/juice” in football online betting. That is the sportsbook fee to handle your action, which you forfeit with a lost bet in football online betting.

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