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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football online betting odds have many different ingredients, all of which are important to complete the product and make it whole.

In general, you being with the so-called “home field advantage” which is generally regarded to be worth three-points in football betting. So if you have two generic teams, the host will be a three-point favorite to begin with in football online betting.

Football online betting odds have the home field advantage but it is not always the generic three points. A strong home team such as Pittsburgh may be charged an extra point or two by the NFL football betting linemakers due to their favorable reputation with the masses as a host. Yet another point may be tacked on to the home team in football online betting if they are playing either a weak opponent or a team that has notorious problems playing on the road. Team reputations with the gambling public also cost or enhance the overall NFL football online betting odds. For example, the New England Patriots until Tom Brady was injured were thought of as a powerful team and automatically got extra attention in football betting. The oddsmakers adjusted their football online betting lines, making the highly desired Patriots more expensive, with football betting lines that were more expensive than they should have been.

Keep in mind that some teams probably don’t deserve a three point home field advantage.  A team like Detroit doesn’t really deserve any type of edge at home in football online betting but if you go with the generic number you would give them three points.  Is that a good idea in football online betting?

Other teams that struggle like Houston or Cincinnati may be downgraded because of their poor play. The NFL football online betting odds, therefore, are comprised of consumer demand and perception and, just like the stock market, what goes up comes down and what comes down goes up, as the values of each team will fluctuate based on consumer/gambler perception in football online betting.

“Star appeal,” recent performance, media spin, motivational angles, and intangibles all play a part in the final composition of the football online betting odds.

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