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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

There are endless football odds possibilities in televised action and that can get you into trouble if you are not disciplined versus college and NFL odds.

Football odds are definitely more exciting to follow if the games are on television. With cable and satellite television, more and more games with football odds are televised every week. You must keep in mind as you look at NFL odds and college football odds that you simply cannot afford to bet every televised game on the board if you want to make money.

Football odds are very appealing on TV games but you as a gambler should remain selective and disciplined and that means you cannot bet every game on the board. If you are betting most of the available televised games you will find yourself in way over your head and ineffective as far as finding value in NFL odds and college football odds. A good way to bet on televised games today is to go ahead and look all of them over and evaluate them but then pick the absolute best one or two wagers rather than the entire board.

Also keep in mind when you bet football odds that the different sports and leagues now overlap and, in October for example, you will have televised hockey, baseball and football all on the same day.

College football odds make it easy to get into trouble or to find exceptional value on the board as there are so many games that are televised thanks to special packages offered on cable and satellite. Gamblers can wager on televised games from morning through midnight if they want. But what good is that going to do if you are failing to make money versus the football odds?

The best way to deal with the increase in televised games is that you must ultimately remember the object of the game is to make money and get paid when you wager against football odds. You cannot achieve this objective if you are playing laundry lists of football odds that are televised.

The bottom line when you look at NFL odds and college football odds on TV, is that you must decide that winning is more important than televised action.

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