Football Odds Over/Unders

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds for most gamblers focus only on side wagers.

Betting NFL odds and college odds in terms of totals will always take second place to betting sides but there are many opportunities to make money by focusing on the totals. Let’s look at the various factors that go into betting football odds over/unders.

Football odds over/unders are really easy to bet and to understand. You just add the score of both teams together to find out if you are a winner. No laying points or worrying about covering the spread. Betting football totals is not as popular as betting the pointspread because bettors like to cheer for a specific team rather than both teams but it is sometimes simpler. One thing that is more popular with bettors regarding football odds totals is betting the over. Fans like to see points scored and the over will always be more popular because of that fact. You will also see football odds makers hedge the total a little bit more towards the over.

How do we begin with football odds totals? First, we should understand that some numbers are much more common than others, especially in NFL odds. For years the two most common numbers in the NFL for totals were 37 and 41. Those numbers are still common, but since the two-point conversion rule was applied the numbers surrounding those are also popular in NFL odds. The totals 35, 36, 38, 39, and 40 are also popular NFL odds totals. When handicapping NFL totals we can start with the total number of points scored by each team home and away. This will give us a statistical starting place for our total and we can compare that to the current line. You can also incorporate past meetings into this equation because very often teams play a certain way against each other.

Another thing to consider when betting any over/under football odds total, whether it is college or pro football, is the weather. Bad weather can really make football odds move because wise guys love to play the under when bad weather is expected for a game. This is the one area of football odds movement that can make sportsbooks nervous because they know all the action on the total will be one-sided toward the under. That is why you sometimes see big football odds movement when bad weather is involved.

Over/under football odds can be profitable if you give them a chance.

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