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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The thing to remember is that all football odds information is known by the college and NFL betting odds makers.

Football odds information is all over the place. There is a seemingly endless stream of information in regards to college and NFL betting odds. Is any of this football odds information worth anything?

Football odds information is so widespread that rarely are there any secrets. That means that anytime you hear a tout or a handicapper saying he has inside information it is almost a sure lie. There is no inside information when it comes to football odds. With that being said, such football gambling factors as injury, weather, locker room strife and dissension, pure football matchups, etc. is all part of football odds information.

If you notice that the weather on a game is bad you can rest assured that this fact is already known by the sportsbooks and the oddsmakers. If you see an injury on a game you can bet that the oddsmakers already know about it. You must remember that they have people that research the games every single day. The only time you might get information that the oddsmakers don’t have is if you stumble on to it or more likely if the sport is off their radar. That means it is unlikely you will ever find surprise information on the NFL, NBA, college football, etc.

If you want to succeed betting college and NFL odds then you should realize that the oddsmakers know a lot more than you think. Information used to be so very important when analyzing football odds but that is not as much the case anymore. If anything, information overload now exists when it comes to college and NFL betting odds. Instead of going over statistics and Internet articles like every other handicapper why not start analyzing the football odds instead. See what the football odds maker is trying to do. Understand why he made the line the way he did. By developing a football odds maker mentality you can really save yourself a lot of time and have more success betting football odds.

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