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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You must avoid the emotion of “tilt” when things are not going your way with football odds. Few gamblers in the end, “bail out” versus NFL football odds.

Football odds can make you money if you stay in control this season. How you handle yourself during the season when betting college and NFL football odds is as important as how you pick winners. In fact, control and your ability to handle both success and failure are critical when betting football odds.

Football odds will give you a lot of chances to win and lose money. Believe it or not, many gamblers biggest problems come when they succeed at their bets against football odds. Just as in life itself, there are too many gamblers that cannot handle success, as it goes to their head and makes them irrational, thinking that they are “bullet proof” versus football odds. Success actually makes some gamblers reckless and causes them to lose discipline, and they will bet more money on more games versus the college and NFL football odds than they should. One of the most ignorant comments that a winner against the football odds will make is that it was easy. When a gambler begins to think like that, he is giving himself an excuse to blow his winnings, and then his original bankroll. Nothing is easy wagering against the football odds.

When you begin going on “tilt” with bail out bets, you are most often betting games in football odds that you originally wouldn’t have anything to do with. It’s much like in poker, when you lose on what seemed to be a good/high percentage hand and you begin betting on lesser hands trying to make up for the “bad beat.” All that you end up doing, in the end, is making matters worse and digging a bigger hole for yourself versus football odds.

As surprising as it may be, far more important than your ability to locate winners versus football odds is your ability to master yourself in both victory and defeat. Keep yourself in control as you bet college and NFL football odds this season.

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