Football Lines Pointspread

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines are made to attract equal action to the game. When this happens the sportsbook is guaranteed to make a profit from the NFL football lines.

Football lines pointspreads are the most common and popular of all forms of sports wagering. The pointspread is the number listed on the football lines board that handicaps or equals out the two teams into relatively the same appeal for gamblers. This way the college or NFL football lines will be appealing for both sides of the matchup.

Oftentimes the football lines action is not balanced though and that is when the sportsbook is rooting for one side or another. Here is a football lines example of a pointspread.

New England -7
New York Jets +7

This example would have gamblers taking the Jets at +7 points versus the football lines pointspread. In a sense the Jets have a 7 point lead before the game is played and if they win the game outright or lose by less than 7 points they would cover the NFL football lines pointspread. The Patriots, on the other hand, in order to win the bet, would have to win the game by more than seven points versus the NFL football lines pointspread. The way the NFL football lines pointspread would work in our example would be if New England won the game 27-17, they would have covered the football lines pointspread because they won by more than seven points. If New England won 27-21, however, the Jets would have covered the football lines pointspread even though they lost the game outright. If the game ended New England 27-20 the game would be considered a push versus the football lines and all gamblers would get their money returned.

Pointspreads are the main way that gamblers like to bet football lines and the most popular. Gamblers look at pointspreads far more than they look at totals in football betting. The pointspreads are available on a number of football leagues including the NFL, CFL, AFL and college football. The football lines pointspreads may be different but the principles for each sport are the same.

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