Football Gambling Winners

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling winners can be found if you know where to look. As you look at the NFL gambling odds each day you always ask yourself how you can get more winners.

The football gambling odds just don’t scream out at you with winners. Sometimes to have success against the football gambling odds it comes down to just a matter of a few points here and there.

Football gambling is best done with the best number. That means having multiple online sportsbooks to wager with. It has been shown that you can increase your win percentage by around four percent if you get the best NFL gambling odds available. Don’t forget that every half point or full point can turn a loss into a tie, a tie into a win and sometimes a loss into a win.  Let’s look at a football gambling example to illustrate this point. If we have Dallas at home against Philadelphia and the Cowboys are -6 then if we lay -5.5 instead of 6 we get a win in NFL gambling if Dallas wins by exactly 6 points. If we have Philadelphia + 6.5 then we also get a win if the game lands 6. The first option we listed is the best way to increase your football gambling wins. Try and get the best number in football gambling. It really does make a big difference each year when you are betting football.

Another way to increase your football gambling winners is to shop around for lower vig when you bet the games. You might be surprised at some of the options out there. As you shop for the best vig look for the best bonuses. That may help you as well. Every little edge you can get is money in your pocket in football gambling. And that definitely matters when it comes to college and NFL gambling.

The search for winners in football gambling never ends. The more you can do to get the best numbers, the best vig and the best bonuses, the better chance you have to win at football gambling.

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