Football Gambling on Teams with Numerous Injuries

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling strategies must always pay considerable attention to injuries because injuries can have huge impacts on NFL gambling match ups.

Furthermore, a few major injuries can completely destroy a team’s season and eliminate its football gambling value, earning the team a bad reputation in the eyes of many NFL gambling fans. Nevertheless, because most players can recover from their injuries during the offseason, such teams can sometimes provide particularly excellent football gambling value once all of the injured players have healed.

Football gambling on teams that have suffered numerous injuries can be particularly fruitless. Even though football gambling fans know that such teams will be unable to perform very well, injuries can decimate teams far beyond levels that most NFL gambling fans anticipate. Part of the reason why injuries can be so devastating to a team’s season is that they not only hurt the talent on the field, but the injuries can also demoralize a team. Once a squad stops believing in itself then there is little reason to be football gambling on the team unless the football gambling lines are set so that the team is a massive underdog. Such devastation occurred in St. Louis during the 2007-08 season when quarterback Marc Bulger, running back Steven Jackson, and offensive tackle Orlando Pace all spent time on the sidelines nursing injuries. In the end, the Rams only won a pathetic three games and ended the season with a dismal 5-11 record against the football gambling odds.

After such a horrible season, few NFL gambling enthusiasts expect much football gambling value from the Rams in 2008-09. It is simply hard to imagine the team completely turning itself around after such a horrible record against the football gambling odds in 2007-08. Nevertheless, because the horrible season was primarily a result of injuries, the reality is that the Rams do offer some football gambling potential in 2008-09. Without the injuries the Rams possibly could have competed for a playoff spot last year. But because the season ended so poorly the team ended up with great draft position in the most recent draft and was able to acquire numerous talented players. Consequently, the Rams may actually provide tremendous football gambling value in 2008-09. This lesson can also be applied to many other teams, as each year two or three teams enter the season with great potential that is overlooked due to recent failure that was simply the result of past injuries that are no longer relevant.

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