Football Gambling on Rookies Who Holdout

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling on NFL rookies is always questionable, as the transition from the NCAA to the NFL is not an easy one.

Football gambling veterans know that many NCAA stars are unable to live up to their potential in the NFL, while other players enter the league nameless and then rise to amazing levels of stardom. Nevertheless, football online gambling fans can almost always be sure that rookies who engage in large holdouts before signing with their teams will not have much success in their first NFL seasons. Football gambling fans must always deal with the question marks that surround rookies when they enter the NFL.

The influx of rookies to the league every year is one of the reasons why there is so much change in the league from year to year. Nevertheless, football online gambling fans know that life in the NFL is not comparable to life in the NCAA, so success at the college level is only a weak indicator of success at the professional level. This unpredictability is why Ryan Leaf, the epitome of a quarterback failure, was drafted second overall, while Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks ever, was drafted in the sixth round. Simply put, football gambling fans must deal with the fact that rookies are very unpredictable.

Fortunately, football gambling enthusiasts can be sure of a few football gambling realities. For example, quarterbacks always need much more time to adapt to life in the NFL than players at most other positions, such as linemen and running backs. Furthermore, those players who holdout for a long time before finally signing their rookie contracts should be viewed with great caution when evaluating the football online gambling odds. Each year numerous rookies miss most or all of training camp and the preseason as they hold out for the correct contract offer. Many football gambling enthusiasts detest this practice, as it involves a ridiculous policy of paying unproven rookies more than proven veterans.

Nevertheless, from a football gambling perspective a holdout does provide some useful football gambling information. Basically, football gambling enthusiasts can be confident that players who holdout will not adapt quickly to life in the NFL. These rookies cannot be expected to have much of a football gambling impact during their rookie years and they will fall well behind in the learning curve. This phenomenon is particularly important if you are analyzing football online gambling odds for teams that are counting on their promising draft picks to rapidly improve the team. If even just one important rookie is holding out then this development can damage the team’s football gambling potential throughout the rest of the season.

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